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[cdt-dev] CDT call minutes


here are the minutes of today's CDT call:
Please update with anything I may have missed.

Of note:
o CDT 9.2.1 to be relased March 23rd, 2017
o Work being done on building containers from CDT
o CDT newsletter will be published in April
o New ClangD project which will be a C/C++ Language server can be tried with Eclipse and LSP4E

  • CDT 9.2.1
    • Now updating target file to pull-in most recent dependencies as RCs from other projects are made available.
    • RC4 build published yesterday. Final release on March 23rd, 2017
  • CDT 9.3
    • Jeff to add container build support to CDT
      • The goal is to build, run and debug using Container
      • Support for windows as well as Linux
      • Intel is also looking into that
  • Automated build status
    • New HIPP is much better because we are almost alone on it
    • Marc-Andre has also reduced the likely hood of a deadlock we are getting in the tests. It is not fixed, but happens less often.
    • Jonah improved the DSF-GDB test to do better cleanup and fix the failures
    • Some tests still failing intermittently in CDT core. Marc-Andre will have a look when time permits
  • New build, CMake, UI
    • There is no documentation to know how to use the new build system
    • Looking a QMake and CMake implementation, CMake in particular, would provide example
  • ClangD
    • Tool started at LLVM foundation to support LSP using Clang
    • Marc-Andre is getting involved with some people from Google on this effort
    • Some progress already happening, such as "fix-it" support
    • Code completion being worked on by Marc-Andre using Eclipse and LSP4E connecting to ClangD
    • LLVM conference in Germany in March where there will be a BOF on ClangD
  • Breakpoint improvements
    • Fix the fact that invalid address breakpoint would prevent a debug session from running
  • CDT newsletter
    • Deadline 6th of April
    • Topics
      • Doug: TBD about something user-facing
      • Tracy: Linker Editor
      • Marc-Andre: LSP using ClangD
      • Jeff: Docker support
      • Nathan: C++ language support
      • Need something on Debug. Marc K cannot do it. Tracy may ask the list for other volunteers.

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