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[cdt-dev] Identifying library usages

Hi All,

I'm working on a research project using Eclipse CDT and I'd like your help
with the following:

*Context: *
Assume I have a library myLib.h with a set of classes, functions, methods,
variables etc and a (big) single source file main.cpp that includes myLib.h
and uses some of the elements from myLib.h. 

I want to identify all the elements (classes, functions, methods, variables)
from myLib.h that are used in main.cpp. 

If the all the elements in the header file are included in namespaces, I can
get these namespaces by preprocessing the header. When I analyse the AST of
main.ccp I can get the scope of the AST elements (after binding resolution)
and check whether they are included in the namespaces of interest (those in

However, this does not work if myLib.h has no namespaces (I know this is not
a recommended practice, but I encountered this problem when I tried to
analyse big open source projects). How can I resolve this issue?

Also, how does CDT work in this case?


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