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[cdt-dev] Help for the Java challenged: how can ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException be thrown here?

Hi folks,

Java is not my strong suit so I was hoping someone could help me out.

I'm looking at an error report where an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown. Here is the relevant part of the stack trace:

java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: null
    at java.util.ArrayList.toArray(
    at org.eclipse.cdt.internal.core.dom.parser.cpp.CPPScopeMapper$NamespaceScopeWrapper.getUsingDirectives(

The code at the indicated line is:

			return fUsingDirectives.toArray(new ICPPUsingDirective[fUsingDirectives.size()]);

The previous line ensures that fUsingDirectives is not null.

I don't see how an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException can be thrown in this case. (But I also can't see the source of the ArrayList.toArray() method to see what exactly it's trying to do.)

Any ideas as to how this exception can arise in this case?



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