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Re: [cdt-dev] Creating a debug view - need help

Thanks Marc. 


This does help.  I already have a view that I used TraceControlView as a template for, so this should be straightforward.




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The variables view and other main debug views are using the flexible hierarchy so they can work with different debugger integrations.

This probably complicates them a lot.


For a simply view, you may instead look at other views that are simpler, such as (in order of what I believe is least complex to most complex):







I hope this helps.



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Subject: [cdt-dev] Creating a debug view - need help


Hi all,
  I am writing a simple view to provide a gui implementation of call / print <function>.  At the moment I am planning to extend AbstractDebugView.  I have been studying the source code for VariablesView and how all the parts fit together, but I find myself still confused about what classes and extensions I need.

  Are there any recommended resources that I could use to help dispel some of my confusion?


Stephen Flynn

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