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Re: [cdt-dev] Clone CDT project

> This code works fine, but when I try to analyse cloned project I receive
> the exception:
> java.lang.Exception: Unsafe method call. Instantiation of dependent
> expressions may not work.
> on the following function calls:
> - ICPPClassType.getBases()
> - ICPPClassType.getConstructors()

Are you calling these functions directly? If yes, you need to check whether the class type implements ICPPClassSpecialization, and if so call the corresponding ICPPClassSpecialization methods instead, which take an extra IASTNode parameter that represents the point of instantiation.

If you're not calling these functions directly, meaning you are calling other CDT functions which then call them, that's a bug in said other CDT code. Please file a bug with a stack trace showing who is calling the function.


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