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[cdt-dev] Launch target types


I'm trying to add support for the launchbar in our toolchain and have a question about how launch targets work.

We have our own debugger infrastructure (i.e. not gdb), which supports a number of so-called debugger drivers. A debugger driver in this context can something like our built-in simulator, or some form of external probe connected via USB (e.g. J-LINK). The debugger driver is specified as a parameter to our external debugger, and I was planning to let a launch-target map to a debugger driver, since it becomes natural to think of a launch as "debug project X on J-LINK". 

So, my question is, do I create one launch target type per driver, or do I let my implementation of ILaunchTargetProvider create multiple ILaunchTargets having the same ID? I guess another way to put it is: "is each launch target expected to have a unique ID?"

I hope I'm making myself clear here. 


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