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Re: [cdt-dev] CDT and the marketplace

> On 6 Jan 2017, at 23:11, Liviu Ionescu <ilg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> the missing console is exactly the one associated with the qemu/openocd/jlink process, if you do not start it, there is obviously no extra console.

sorry for repeating myself, but the missing console is not windows specific, it can be reproduced on any platform. 

the first thing I'd be curious to know is if the problem is in Neon (CDT? Eclipse?) or in my plug-ins. I do not rule out the possibility of an incomplete sequence to create the GDB server process, such that the missing information was harmless to pre-Neon, but become important now.

another detail that might help, is that the missing consoles exist internally, but are not shown. the process of starting the debug session makes use of this console, it's content is parsed and when a specific message is identified, the plug-ins know that the server is ready and can start the gdb client. since the sessions start properly, it is clear that, at least on mac/linux, internally the consoles exists.

on the other side, on windows, the debug sessions hang during startup. my guess is that on windows the console is not even properly created, and the code parsing the output simply hangs. 



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