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[cdt-dev] Help needed from a CDT developer with a Mac

Hi folks,

In bug 495671, a user reported an issue where CDT is not resolving std::make_unique, in spite of having configured C++14 support by adding -std=c++14 to the "Command to get compiler specs".

The user is running on a Mac, with Xcode providing the toolchain (clang and libc++). They have recently confirmed that they are still seeing the issue with Neon.2 and the latest Xcode.

I do not have access to a Mac computer, and I am unable to reproduce the issue with libc++ on Linux.

Could someone with access to a Mac try to reproduce this issue? 

If the issue is reproducible, a bit of digging in the relevant libc++ header files should reveal whether it's a configuration issue or a parser issue. If it's a configuration issue, there's probably a straightforward workaround / configuration fix, such as defining such and such macro in your project settings. If it's a parser issue, it should be possible to reduce it to an example that doesn't depend on Mac headers (and which is therefore reproducible on Linux), at which point I can take over the investigation.

Thanks in advance!


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