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Re: [cdt-dev] Eclipse CDT: Modify and save AST

> If you were live editing during a debug session, or something else 
> happening it is reasonable* that the OSGi classloaders may have got 
> out of sync. 

Yes, that was probably the case. I don't think that was a bug (but if it
happens again, I will file a bug).

> I have just seen you replied to my comment on SO[1]. My initial 
> comment may not have been as helpful as you would have liked because I 
> was confused by you saying it was similar to [2] which may have other 
> issues, but is certainly being run in main. I have now seen your later 
> comments where you indicate you are indeed running as plug-ins. 

Sorry if I was a bit abrupt on SO, but my latest experience with it is that
people are not willing to help and reply back only to insult you or to claim
that something is so obvious that you shouldn't be asking for help.

> I assume you are referring to these slides: 
> Refactoring is the UI, undo, preview etc on top of actually doing the 
> changes. So if you are exposing this in the UI you probably want 
> CRefactoring. If you are creating a tool with some other user 
> interface you probably don't need CRefactoring. 

Yes, these are the slides I am referring to (along with some others I found
while researching the problem -- especially in Eclipse conferences). OK,
CRefactoring make sense only if you will provide a UI to the user. 

I our case the AST refactoring will happen under the hood (based on some
user-driven actions) so the approach with using ASTRewrite (but without
extending CRefactoring) should suffice.

I'll also have a look in the suggested packages for example used of

Thanks again,

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