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[cdt-dev] CDT Conference call minutes

Hello all,

here are the minutes of yesterday's CDT call:

Copy/pasted below as well for your convenience.


CDT Summit was a success and looks like our best venue for such summits in the future #thankyoutracy

* Discussions at EclipseCon about an idea of a path forward for the Eclipse UI using Orion, maybe Electron. Very early ideas.

* CDT 9.2 feature freeze (RC1) Nov 14th.

* There will be an Eclipse newsletter focused on CDT in April 2017 (our community will provide content)

CDT Datasheet almost ready.  It shows off CDT as a real product.

* Platform Debug is looking for committers


Full minutes:

  • CDT Summit & EclipseCon Europe recap
    • Had multiple people (non-committers) show what they do with CDT
    • Overlap between needs from different companies, that would benefit from getting common functions into CDT
    • Che presentation. Very little support for C/C++
    • EclipseCon Europe is the real EclipseCon now. Lots of buzz, lots of discussion. Really worth it.
    • Attendees to the whole conference was around 620 people
    • We need to start looking at the Language Server Protocol and Orion
    • The Language Server from Microsoft for C/C++ is not open-source, we'd have to build our own or re-use some other, following the same protocol
    • There was discussions about the path toward a modern UI. SWT may not be the future, nor JavaFX. Maybe some web framework. Electron and Orion?
  • Devoxx US and CDT Summit
    • On hold for now. Need to better understand who Devoxx will attract. Summit at EclipseCon Europe may be our best way forward.
  • CDT 9.2 feature freeze Nov 14th
    • Anything missing from the N&N?
    • GDB Console N&N entry will be properly written once the feature stops evolving
    • Qt community is willing to work with us to improve Qt support
  • CDT-themed Eclipse Newsletter
    • We can use such an opportunity to promote our tools
    • Trace Compass, Red Hat, Ericsson, Renesas
    • Tracy will request the month of April for the newsletter
  • Linker Script Editor
    • Renesas is interested in providing this functionality to CDT
    • Are there any such attempts previously? Any previous discussions? Not that we know of.
  • CDT Datasheet
    • Marketing material showing the CDT as a full product, just like other products on the market
    • Still space for a couple more paragraph
    • Should have a blurb about the editor, code-completion, and all that code help stuff, look at CLion
    • Docker integration could be mentioned
    • Will be linked from our webpage once ready
    • Content could be used for our product web page
  • Round table
    • Breakpoint working group should be revived. Tracy will lead that.
    • Do we have a common 'platform' for different companies to work on the tools for multicore?
      • Ericsson is using Prallella and Epiphany as an open-source platform to show multicore solutions
      • Analog Devices OpenOCD support could be interesting
    • Does anyone have trouble building CDT with Oxygen?
    • There is a urgent need for help with Platform debug. Can someone in the CDT debug community get involved?

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