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[cdt-dev] Test failures for RC4


I get two consistent test failures for 9.1.

The first is org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.tests.ManagedProject30MakefileTests.testSpaces

which seems to have always failed for the patch of commit 5a1828f37defe1e4852fcaa29a77ec28d2c1ac83
    "Fix scanner info cache to properly refresh resource commands."

My guess is that this failure was not noticed because our tests are so often flaky that we don't
pay much attention to failures anymore.  But from what I can see, it might be a real one.

The second failure is
and I'm wondering if it is not caused by our HIPP upgrade which caused some UI issues recently.

Any help would be appreciated as we need to get this build out the door.



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