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[cdt-dev] API to change the toolchain.


Due to legal issues regarding the name "eclipse" in the "arduino eclipse plugin" we renamed the "Arduino eclipse plugin" to sloeber. We also bought the domain Now we are doing a refactoring form it.baeyens to io.sloeber and I hit a issue that I fail to find a fix for.

The problem relates to migrating "it.baeyens.*" projects to "io.sloeber.*"projects. I see 3 things that need to be done. The nature id needs to change, the inoTocpp builder id needs to change and the CDT toolchain needs to change from it.baeyens.core.toolChain.release to io.sloeber.toolChain.

I got the nature change under control but the toolchain change is getting nowhere.

All classes/methods I find like IToolChainModificationManager, IFolderInfoModification, .... are marked as

Discouraged access: The type 'IToolChainModificationManager' is not API (restriction on required library 'D:\embedded\eclipse\plugins\org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core_8.4.0.201606062011.jar')

Can someone give me a pointer on how to do this the good way?

Best regards


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