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[cdt-dev] Plan for full GDB console


work is on-going both in CDT and in GDB to provide a rich GDB console in CDT.
The original plan was to have this in CDT 9.1.
I would like to push it to CDT 9.2 instead, which will be in December.

We only have 3 weeks until 9.1 and I feel it won't provide enough soak time
to iron out bugs.  The changes is very impacting and should be handled with care.
Also, the required GDB support is not released yet but should be in a month or two.
Releasing this feature in CDT before we have a final GDB released would be risky.

The plan would be to commit the feature to the CDT master branch as soon as
we can, once we have branched for 9.1.  That will provide some exposure to the
feature before we release it in the wild.

If people want to try it before that, it is available (but evolving) on Gerrit:
Note that you need to build GDB from its master branch for this to work.



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