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Re: [cdt-dev] New Build System

Thanks Wainer, but I don’t think it’s quite ready for general use. It currently only supports two specific environments in CDT 9.0: Qt and Arduino. 

My next step starting next week is to take a look at standard builds. There you can invoke any build command and am thinking of making Make Targets first class citizens for that. So much of the new build system is bringing back old frameworks that worked fine before MBS took over. At any rate, that will also bring into play build output parsing which I need a strategy for.

I also plan to take CMake closer to production since so many open source projects are using it now that I’d like to leverage for my QNX developer community.

Hopefully by CDT 9.1, or 9.2, we’ll be in shape to have it more generally useful to people. I understand wanting to use something new. I was looking at a few CDT plug-ins out in the wild and it’s pretty sad users of those plug-ins have to deal wth managed build settings.

But you are right in one sense. I need to document what I’m doing to make sure people can review and help give me guidance and help along the way. I’ll start doing that in the next few weeks, especially as I make progress with standard build.


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Hi Doug!

I've toolchain plug-ins using the old build system. Also I've new ones being developed under old infrastructure.

I want to use the new build system though. is there any high-level description of the system? How close the actual implementation is of initial design proposed on ?

I would appreciate any initial pointers to look at.

Thanks for working it out!

- Wainer   

On 04/14/2016 05:33 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:
Hey gang, I have just pushed my update for the new build system. It's now moved to cdt.core and can be found in the package and corresponding internal package.

It integrates with the EnvironmentVariableManager which is now the standard way to get the environment for builds and running scanner info and such. It also integrates with scanner info. Each ICBuildConfiguration is also an IScannerInfoProvider. Both of these are along side the existing ICConfigurationDescription framework and hopefully peacefully co-exist.

I have been able to remove the ILaunchTarget dependency from the build system. Launch delegates now need to figure out what toolchain corresponds to the target and then send that through the system to auto figure out the right build config for a given target.

There is a correspond change in the launchbar plugins. So please update your targets. Targets now have a bag of attributes and that's what is used to find matching toolchains.

I'm a little worried about how scanner info is plugged in so if you see unusual behaviour or a bad performance hit in the parsers, please let me know. And of course if you see anything else bad.

I'm going to move the Arduino C++ plug-ins to use the new system as well and I'll probably do a little work on CMake. Once I'm happy with the APIs, I'll write up a document describing it all. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please fire away.


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