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[cdt-dev] Does Mylyn Context Connector for C/C++ work as intended?

Hi folks,

The Mylyn Context Connector for C/C++ ships as default as part of the EPP package. However I was trying to answer this question on SO [1] to only show public members.

Given a source file like this:

using namespace std;

class HelloSO {
 void public_method(void);

 void private_method(void);

int main() {
 HelloSO so;

If I autocomplete with "Parsing-based Proposals (Task Focused)" enabled at "so." then the method completions I am presented with are "private_method..." and "public_method...". However if I disable "Parsing-based Proposals (Task Focused)" and enable the "normal" one, "Parsing-based Proposals" it does the right thing and only shows "public_method". 

And, if my code is:

void HelloSO::public_method() {

then I get the expected "private_method..." and "public_method..." completions.

So my question is: Is this how Mylyn is supposed to work? Basically, am I missing something here?



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders Ltd.

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