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[cdt-dev] Verifier machine

Hey gang,

To help with the workload for the rest of the release, I've added an external slave running in our QNX AWS account. It's running in a Docker container there and seems to work better at least I was able to get my job through.

However, there are some test failures that come up. It's a different environment. The Docker image is based in Ubuntu and I keep adding packages to resolve problems and I'm left with a few I don't quite understand.

So if you see test failures, keep that in mind and if you have a chance, see if you can see why those tests failed.

BTW, a lot of our tests assume an external environment. By definition that makes them not unit tests. Elena has discussed this in the past but we should think about separating out integration tests from unit tests and decide what we want to run on a verify. And we should really use mocking to mock out those external dependencies.


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