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[cdt-dev] cdt_9_0 branch created, master open for business

Hello everyone,

we're in the home stretch.
I've created the cdt_9_0 branch which will be used for our 9.0 release.
This opens up master for new features.

Remember that for any bug fixes you will need to commit to both
cdt_9_0 and master, and that, at least until the release.

Note on committing to two branches:
For those less familiar with the situation, when you have to do
such a double commit you should always code your patch for master
first.  Then you cherry-pick to cdt_9_0 (Gerrit has a button just for that).
The reason for this approach is that as time passes, a patch may not 
apply cleanly to both branches, if they have evolved differently.  The 
master branch is the code that will live on, therefore you should code 
your commits based on the master branch version.  You can then tweak 
that commit for cdt_9_0, sometimes needing a bit of a hack, but since 
that code will stop being maintained eventually, it is not as important 
as keeping master clean.



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