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[cdt-dev] Committers' final warning to start using proper URL for CDT repo


through - Disable direct Git access for CDT
the webmasters will soon disable our _direct_ access to Git.

This should change _nothing_ for you as long as you use:
as the URL for your remote.  Please make sure you do, or else
you will no longer be able to commit.

***You can still commit without going through a gerrit review using the above URL***

In an attempt to clarify, I've put an X on what is being removed.

                You local CDT repo
push              /           \
direction        /              \
   |               /       Gerrit server (verification layer that will automatically pass commit
   |              X            /                              \         through to user-chosen destination)
  \ /             |            /                                 \
                  |       push to                         push to
                  |   refs/heads/<branch>     refs/for/<branch>
                  |           |                                    |
                  |           |                    Gerrit Code review
                  |           |                        /
                  |           |                       /
               CDT Git Repo at


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