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[cdt-dev] Committers, please check the URL you use


committers should be using the following URL to interact with the CDT repo:


It is possible that this URL is being blocked by your firewall, which may
explain why you are not using it, but I would ask you to check to be sure.
You can check the URL you are using through EGit or by running
  git remote -v

I've updated the wiki to emphasize the proper URL:

For those wondering, the above URL does not force you to push everything to a review.
Although going through a Gerrit review is always recommended, even if just to wait
for the Verify build to pass, you can still push directly to the repo by using that same URL.
If you push to 'refs/for/master' it will create a review for the master branch.
If you push to 'refs/heads/master' it will commit directly on master.

Why is it important to use that URL?  It will prevent an erroneous commit from creating
a branch "refs/for/master" which would then prevent any new Gerrit reviews from being created.  
Please see details at:



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