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Re: [cdt-dev] CMake daemon for user tools

On 31 March 2016 at 00:11, Stephen Kelly <steveire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Bruno Medeiros wrote:

> Hi Stephen.
> I'm somewhat confused, you mention providing code completion, what do you
> mean by this? You mean code completion for the cmake configuration files,
> or for C/C++ code itself? Isn't the later a massive task - and somewhat
> separate from cmake IDE integration support itself?

Hi Bruno,

I guess you missed by follow up blog and video:

Ok, now I get it. I didn't think there would be that much CMake source. (I should make clear by now that I'm not a C/C++ developer at all). Although, the amount of CMake source is still typically one (if not two) orders of magnitude less than the actual main language source (C/C++ in this case) - so I reckon there isn't as much motivation for writing IDE tools and IDE integration for CMake itself?

Also, why a daemon mode? In other languages, the auto-completion tool is usually a daemon so that it can cache parsed source (or in more advanced cases, cache/reuse semantic information too). Necessary for good performance in a large code-base. But, for CMake, since the total amount of source is relatively small, wouldn't a non-daemon tool suffice?

I curious about this because I've written IDE integration for somewhat similar auto-completion/outline/parse-errors tools, but for other languages (Go, Rust), so I'm wondering about the technical choices you're making.

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