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[cdt-dev] CDT Summit (and hackathon) minutes

Hello everyone,

we had a great summit at EclipseCon (at least in my opinion). 
I wrote the minutes I was able to take here, with a couple of pics from the dinner.

I am missing notes on the discussions of the new build, the memory views and surely other details.
Those that can, please fill in what you notice is missing.

Of note:
- Tracy gave a cool demo of controlling your running eclipse through small scripts using EASE
- I gave a demo of the new full GDB console (planned for CDT 9.1)
- We discussed UI testing, the API-breaking changes, our CPP Package, the memory views, the new build system, and more
- We came up with a proposal about the upcoming CDT releases for the next cycle.  I will be posting this in a separate email.

As for the hackathon, it lasted beyond the planned 9pm.
Doug took this picture of the activity on our build machine as people were submitting code at the hackathon:

And Jonah's contribution to remove CDI made the EclipseCon closing ceremonies' statistics:

Thanks to all attendees, it was really great to get together like that.


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