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[cdt-dev] Removing 3 non-deprecated APIs to simplifying extending the debugger


I'm trying to make extending the debugger easier in  Having a different GdbDebugServicesFactory for non-stop complicates extensibility 

Instead of deprecating the following APIs, I'd like to immediately remove them.  I believe keeping them un-used, will cause confusion in extenders and increase the chance of errors.  I believe adapting to the new API is simple and an example is provided in GdbExtendedLaunchDelegate (in o.e.cdt.examples.dsf.gdb).

I plan to make the removal for M6 and leave the door open to putting them back in M7 if people mention it is a problem for them.  This is assuming no other issue with the proposed patch:

1- Remove constructor GdbDebugServicesFactory.GdbDebugServicesFactory(String)
replaced by GdbDebugServicesFactory.GdbDebugServicesFactory(String, ILaunchConfiguration)

2- Remove constructor GdbJtagDebugServicesFactory.GdbJtagDebugServicesFactory(String)
replaced by GdbJtagDebugServicesFactory.GdbJtagDebugServicesFactory(String, ILaunchConfiguration)

3- Remove class GdbDebugServicesFactoryNS
merged into class GdbDebugServicesFactory



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