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[cdt-dev] Help in setting up remote debugging on ARM Linux


(Initially posted here, but received no replies. Sorry if duplicated.)

I'm trying to set up remote debugging on my Cortex-M board running Linux.
I was able to get gdbserver and ssh/sftp to the target, and configured the Automatic Remote Debugging Launcher for my target. Everything seems to work fine, however I can't get over one major obstacle.

In short, I need to specify one type of binary to be run under gdbserver on the target, and another type for the cross-gdb on the host.

Cross-compiler normally creates two binaries - the binary in the Binary Flat (BFLT) format and the ARM ELF binary. The BFLT binary (eg "hello") is the one which is ran on the target, and the ELF binary ("hello.gdb", with symbolic information) is the one which is used by the cross-debugger on the host to establish a debugging session with the target, eg:
 gdbserver :1234 hello
 arm-uclinuxeabi-gdb hello.gdb
 gdb> target remote <target-ip>:1234

That is, I racked my brain on how to specify the Automatic Launcher to pass "hello" as the binary which need to be SFTP-ed to the target and started under gdbserver, and, at the same time, how to pass "hello.gdb" to arm-uclinuxeabi-gdb as the argument. Looks like the Automatic Launcher only allows to specify one of them in the "Debug Configuration" Main tab?

Using the Manual Launcher (and starting gdbserver on the target manually) works just fine.

I'm using Mars.1/Linux.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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