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Re: [cdt-dev] CMake daemon for user tools

On 10-Jan-16 2:10 PM, Stephen Kelly wrote:


I've been working on adding a daemon mode for cmake to provide
information to user tools - such as IDEs - about the buildsystem.

Following the discussion about providing metadata for IDEs to consume
I proposed creating a long-running process which would provide a protocol
to access information about the buildsystem, and about the content of the
cmake files themselves:

Hi Stephen,

this sounds very much like what I has proposed for Boost.Build, see:

I am scheduled to give a talk at FOSDEM about the feature and how user
tools can interact with it:
Is anyone interested enough in this potential cmake feature to
join the development effort?

You can guess I'm not very interested in cmake, but maybe we can discuss the protocol,
so that an IDE can work with different build systems? Think we can
have a chat at FOSDEM?

Vladimir Prus

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