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[cdt-dev] using internal builder as default on windows

Hi All,

I am adding a toolchain to CDT using the buildDefinitions extension
point of the Managed Builder. I want to use the CDT internal builder
as the default for windows, while the external builder as the default
for linux. To set the internal builder as default, I did the following
in the plugin.xml and that worked.

            name=”My tool chain"
               name="My Builder"

But this obviously sets the internal builder as default for both Linux
and Windows. The builder object doesn’t seem to have an attribute
using which I can specify also the target OS and let the toolchain
pick the right builder based on the underlying OS. I see that there is
an ‘OSList’ attribute in the toolchain, but if I use that, then I will
have to create two objects for toolchain (one for linux and windows
each) and then further create 2 objects for all configurations and
projects. I want to know if there’s a more elegant way to do this? I
want to avoid the duplicate specification as everything else other
than the builder is same for the two platforms. Please suggest.

Thanks and Regards,

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