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[cdt-dev] The way of managing the build console windows

Hi All,


Concerning managing the build console windows, the way of keeping the most recent created console always on top makes some issues.


For example this scenario:

-Create an autotools project and Build it. (the ‘Configure’ console window will be created and written to it, then the ‘CDT Build Console’ window will be created and will be the most recent created one)

-Selecting ‘Reconfigure Project’. (Nothing is displayed on the console as the ‘CDT Build Console’ window is the most recent created one – the one on top - not the ‘Configure’ one. However the ‘Configure’ console window is being updated)

-Invoking autoconf. (will create the ‘Autotools’ console window and it will be the most recent created one now)

-If selected build or clean or reconfigure project, nothing will be displayed on the console window as the ‘Autotools’ console window is now the most recent created one and other consoles will not be dispayed.


Relative issues:  CDT build console incorectly process multi-window case


I found that the above scenario issue is caused by the class, which shows the opened console (the one on top) not the one being edited.

This was a result of that patch here: Ability to have a single build console for a multi-project build, which shows clearly that this behavior was made to keep the CDT Global build console window on top for multiple projects builds.

So why can’t we just show each console that is being edited and when someone needs to show the global console then he can pin it and it will be on top?


Attached a patch to fix that issue by displaying the console window being updated except for the global console window as it just reflects the other consoles, and if needed then it can be pinned.

Attachment: ConsolePatch.patch
Description: ConsolePatch.patch

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