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Re: [cdt-dev] Fwd: [linuxtools-dev] PDE API Analysis enabled on linuxtools-gerrit Hudson Job

It's quite a bit of "manual" setup (ant, shell script, etc). I don't mind if we set it up for CDT but I think we really need a Tycho plugin for this. It would not be ideal for all projects to have to do all this setup. I think we should be able to just configure a Tycho plugin with a given baseline (.target?) and that's it.


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Subject: [cdt-dev] Fwd: [linuxtools-dev] PDE API Analysis enabled on linuxtools-gerrit Hudson Job

We should do the same for CDT, or do we already?

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Subject: [linuxtools-dev] PDE API Analysis enabled on linuxtools-gerrit Hudson Job
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I have enabled the 'apianalysis' task from the apitooling-ant.jar that
resides within This is pretty much the same as
setting an API Baseline for a running Eclipse instance but in this case
it'll be done for every patch pushed to review.

The build proceeds in a normal way and additionally generates the api
description information as part of building each bundle. The final p2
repositories are then compared to a baseline version (eg. 4.2.0).
The time taken for the build is nearly the same as before.

This doesn't mean that reviewers need not worry about major/minor breakage
since it might happen that we designate a particular branch for only bug
fixes, but someone may mistakenly bump the minor version.

Roland Grunberg
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