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[cdt-dev] New Build System

Hey gang,

After a break in the clouds ;), I’m back working on Qt and figuring out the build and launch system. When I started, I though it was important to put the build code in cdt.core and cdt.ui. Mainly I thought I would have to switch some of the other CDT code over to use new APIs I’d be creating. But as I found out doing it, we already have the necessary APIs, e.g. IScannerInfoProvider. I may need some tweaks but I can do that with the existing APIs we have.

As a result, and I think to keep the new build system optional and to ensure a clean architecture and avoid weird dependencies that could creep up, I’d like to move the new system to a new set of plugins, and I also plan on adding a dependency then towards the ILaunchTarget concept we’ve introduced for the launch bar. I’m hoping to make that a platform concept with the rest of the launch APIs. It’ll better support Build for Launch by actually taking in the target your launching on to select what to build.

Please let me know if you have any objections. I really like the simplicity and flexibility I’m getting from the new system. Qt along with Arduino will be great examples of what we can accomplish with it. (And CMake too hopefully).

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