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Re: [cdt-dev] Using newer C++ standards with CDT

> As I said on one of the recent CDT Debug calls I have been trying to
> ensure there are better quality answers to some Eclipse and CDT
> questions on stack overflow. 

Thanks for doing this!

> I would really appreciate someone in the know reviewing this question
> and my answer. I want to ensure I have not missed something along the
> way (and as a result overcomplicated my and the OP's life). 

I don't think we can be sure until we hear back from the OP, but it's quite 
plausible that the problem is what you described.

> If I haven't missed something, then I see this as a top place where we can
> do better by default.

I agree. There are several usability issues around getting CDT to parse 
standard library headers in C++11 mode. I have a bug on file for one of 
them [1], which affects makefile projects.

The problem you describe sounds like it affects managed build projects.
I agree that we should make this experience better. I'm not familiar with
the relevant part of CDT's codebase and architecture, and so I don't know
how easy or difficult it would be to fix this, but filing a bug is probably a
good start.



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