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[cdt-dev] Indexer and different build configurations

Hi all,

I experience some inconsistant behaviour of the indexer in the following scenario: I have defined two build configurations:

- debug_x86
- debug_arm

They build the same project with different toolchains and therefore include header files from different paths. An example::

std::cerr is defined in
#include <iostream>

debug_x86  ->  /usr/include/c++/4.8/iostream
debug_arm  ->  /path/to/cross/compiler/include/iostream

I found three different settings for the CDT indexer, that influence how this is handled:

1) Use the build configuration specified in the project's indexer settings
  This one is clear and behaves like expected.

2)   Use active build configuration
  2a)  Allow heuristic resolution of includes
        The Indexer asks the user, which of the two header versions to use

  2b) Do not allow heuristic resolution of includes
       The indexer uses the correct header file for both configurations, but it completely rebuilds the index after each change of the build configuration!

Rebuilding the index every time the configuration is changed is not feasible IMHO, except for very small projects.

As far as I understood, the index is something tied to the configuration. If I use several configurations, I get the same number of indexes. Is there a way to keep them spererate and just switch between them?

best regards

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