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[cdt-dev] FW: Announcing a one week slip in the Mars.1 release (from 9/25 to 10/2)

Hi all,

as some of you might have seen, the Mars.1 release will be delayed by a week until October 2, 2015 (see below for details).
CDT 8.8 is therefore also delayed until then.  There will be no new build for CDT though and we will stick to our RC4 build.
So basically nothing changes except for the one week delay.


From: cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] on behalf of David M Williams [david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: September 23, 2015 5:37 PM
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Subject: [cross-project-issues-dev] Announcing a one week slip in the Mars.1 release (from 9/25 to 10/2)

The Mars.1 release is now officially delayed until October 2, 10 AM.

If not obvious, this means all participants in "coordinated release train" should not make your releases visible on 9/25, but wait until 10/2 10 AM to make them visible, and announce your official releases.

As readers of this list are aware, a bug was found, that many thought deserved to delay the release, and re-spin the repository, and rebuild the EPP packages.

Thanks to all who made constructive comments. And, to those finding the bug(s) and especially to those providing the correct fix!
I've also asked for a less discussed bug to be fixed, which is "simply" to remove a duplicate bundle (but, it is a low level one, and can cause problems with "invalid loader constraints at run time). The two bugs are discussed and documented in

Bug 478054- Eclipse does not prompt for workspace any more after installing Buildship, and
Bug 477148- Contribute JSch 0.1.53 rather than 0.1.51 to Mars.1

I've created a branch, named Mars_maintenance.1, pointed all contributions in that branch to pull from our "final build candidate", and am doing a test build now of that "identical" build. Just to confirm the process. I've asked the projects with fixes  to submit their updates to that branch, and will build that repo later tonight (assuming everyone is in  a nearby timezone).

I'd estimate the final repo (with changes) will be available late tonight or early tomorrow, the EPP packages shortly after, and then we'll have another "quiet week" to confirm all went well.

Thanks again,

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