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Re: [cdt-dev] Make LookupData.setTemplateArguments public

Hi Marco,


would you share with us what 'resolve template argument dependent function calls' exactly means. Because, I also have some issues concerning template resolution on my agenda ...


thx Michi


On Friday, 11 September 2015 07:59:54 CEST Marco Syfrig wrote:

> Hi list


> This commit


> 2787a2158a919512e7f27df3 changed

> LookupData.fTemplateArguments from public to private and introduced a

> public getter and a package visible setter. I have a subclass of LookupData

> in my plug-in to influence the resolution process to be able to resolve

> template argument dependent function calls. And changing

> LookupData.fTemplateArguments is necessary for some calls. All other

> necessary setters are public.


> Is it possible to change LookupData.setTemplateArguments(...) from package

> visible to public? Does something speak against it?

> Even better would be to change all current private members to protected to

> allow to influence the resolution process easier (while also having all

> setters public) without changing the existing code for the resolution. On

> the other hand I guess I’m the only one doing this…


> Thanks for your comments

> Marco


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