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[cdt-dev] Arduino CDT plan update

If anything, it’s hard to keep a project on the rails when you’re doing it in your spare time.

Anyway, I have a limited preview ready for CDT 8.8. It supports a fixed set of use cases and I will be documenting those on Planet Eclipse and other public media. It’s purpose is really to get people to try it out and get excited about it. And you can use it for quite a bit. It’s just not tested very much.

After 8.8, I need to switch focus to CDT 9.0. As I build the new build system, I am moving Arduino on top of it. It’s a great example of something different that is a lot easier to do with the new system. I’ll try to line up deliveries with milestones and we can publicize them and get people excited about Neon as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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