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[cdt-dev] Programmatically retrieving the discovered include directories of the active profile

I already asked this question on the forum, but I received no answer. I guess it wasn't the right place to ask after all.
I'm writing a code checker, and I would like to find out what the discovered include directories are. I have been looking at it for some hours, but I couldn't find many solutions. I could basically only come up with something like this:

IConfiguration configuration = ManagedBuildManager.getBuildInfo( file ).getDefaultConfiguration();
PathInfo projectPathInfo = CfgDiscoveredPathManager.getInstance().getDiscoveredInfo( file.getProject(), new CfgInfoContext( configuration ) );
IPath[] defaultIncludeDirs = projectPathInfo.getIncludePaths();

This gives an empty list.
Is looks strange to me that this is not easily doable. I'm not sure I'm missing something. I would be glad to receive some hints. Thanks

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