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[cdt-dev] cdt_8_8 branch created, master open for CDT 9.0

Hi all,

This morning I was a bit on auto-pilot and I committed some code cleanup to improve our sonar stats.
There is no reason to have those commits in CDT 8.8 and introduces some useless risk (although minimal).
To remedy that, I simply used an earlier commit for the cdt_8_8 branch, and I'll take the RC1 from that
branch instead of using the last master build.

So, the cdt_8_8 branch is now available and based on:
81f6bd025959d9db743a591d3141534885580a27 (A good start on the error parsers/hyperlinks for Arduino)

Don't forget that any commit that should go in 8.8 should be cherry-picked to that branch from master
until the release.  Please be careful in what you put in 8.8, we have about 3 weeks left.

Also, master is now open to CDT 9.0 work!  Have fun!


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