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[cdt-dev] CDT 9.0 Build update

Hey gang, I spent the last day or so prototyping some ideas. My thinking as I mentioned in an other thread is to practice on the Arduino CDT plug-in and it’s build and launch environment.

The experiment I’m trying is how much can I do without the CDT managed builder plugins. The theory being, I should be able to build a new build system directly on the CDT core. It forces the new system to be minimal.

It also undoes a huge wrong that I and a few others feel happened when we introduced the managed build system changes back in 2006. We’ve essentially forced all build systems to be built on the CDT managed build system. For simple cases where all you’re doing is calling make, you really don’t need all that complexity and it’s pretty overwhelming to get things working.

Anyway, I’m gathering notes on the wiki page as I go through the exercise. I’ve also added some things that were missing from the Designs section, like how to hook up to launch configurations, an important consideration in the launch bar era.


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