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Re: [cdt-dev] RCP Debugger for Windows?

I’m pretty concerned about the state of local Windows development anyway. Cygwin messes us up by being to Linux-y with it’s file paths, MinGW has forked with the old one moving too slow and being 32-bit only and the new one not having a consistent packaging mechanism. We should always declare a toolchain we “officially” support but I’m not sure we can do that for Windows at the moment.

Part of me suggests we should abandon the GNU world on Windows, focus on better support for Microsoft’s toolchain. But that’s a lot of work that someone would have to do for free since I don’t see a lot of commercial value there.

Maybe Clang/LLDB will help but it’s not clear how much they are focused on Windows either.

Which is all to bad, I think Windows 10 will start to appeal to engineers again and I don’t see it going away. It’s what most students, hobbyists, game developers, etc. are using. We should try and figure out a good strategy there.


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Not really. No one asked for it though. Did someone talk to you about it? It's a bit of extra work to set the icons, add a few OS specific plugins and testing. I wasn't sure there was a real demand for it since there is WinDbg already. I can add Windows support easily if people want it (and other OS and architectures).


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is there a technical reason why we don't provide the new RCP Debugger for Windows?



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