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[cdt-dev] reusing CDT Standalone Debugger running instance

Hi devs,

I am interested in making it possible to reuse the running CDT Standalone Debugger so that subsequent debug sessions can be started without having to relaunch Eclipse fully. i.e. this is for debug something like works for opening files.

I am trying to save some time[1] in launching, plus avoid user error such as workspace in use. 

Has anyone started work in this area? I have previously seen comments that indicated a separate script/executable for the standalone debugger is not desired. 

[1] On my machine cdtdebug -e <elf> takes 10-11 seconds to start and get to breakpoint at main.
relaunching from within CDT takes < 1 second.
But I am comparing against other standalone debuggers like ddd or gdbtui which both start in < 1 second.
Additionally, I want to deploy the command line launching of the debugger into a larger eclipse installation which may have many many more bundles.


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