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[cdt-dev] Mouse Wheel Line Scroll Count Problem

I am running Eclipse 4.5.0 64-bit (and 4.4.2 64-bit previously), with CDT, on Windows 7.1 64-bit.

I have the Windows mouse set to scroll 3 lines with each click of the mouse wheel. That works fine in Windows outside of Eclipse.

In Eclipse, the files in some tabs scroll 3 lines/click while others scroll only 1 line/click. The main files I edit are .cpp and .h file, but the file extension doesn't seem to make a difference.

It's like there is a Windows Preference difference between some files (rather than an Eclipse-wide preference); but I haven't been able to find a mouse wheel line count items in any Windows Preference dialog.

If it makes a difference, I have the workspace and all files set to UTF-8.

This problem is unrelated to the question/complaint of whether the mouse wheel scrolls the window under the mouse vs the windows that has focus.

Any ideas as to why the mouse wheel scrolls different amounts in different tabs?

Merrill Cornish

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