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Re: [cdt-dev] someting is wrong in Hudson job cdt-verify

Hi Justing


Thanks for the report. I guess the problem occurs because of dependencies of the build to 32 bit MacOS SWT. Afaik this is not supported in Mars anymore – at least there is no 32 bit version on the downloads page for the release candidates. I guess we should remove the macos.cocoa.x86 environments. Any objections?

Actually, I’m not even sure why this worked up to now.






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Subject: [cdt-dev] someting is wrong in Hudson job cdt-verify




I push one simple commit into Gerrit and triggered the build in cdt-verify.

But it failed quickly and I found that cdt-verify begin in trouble from #2948. All build after #2948 failed as same reason. Something is wrong in  the cdt-verify.



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