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Re: [cdt-dev] Can't push to gerrit, says no CLA (but I have one)

Eric Williams <ericwill@...> writes:

> >Maybe Webmaster can help....
> >Mike Milinkovich
> >mike.milinkovich@... 
> >+1.613.220.3223
> >>Original Message 
> >>From: Nathan Ridge 
> >>Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 7:09 PM 
> >>To: CDT Mailing List 
> >>Reply To: CDT General developers list. 
> >>Subject: [cdt-dev] Can't push to gerrit, says no CLA (but I have one) 
> >>Hi, 
> >>I'm trying to push a patch to Gerrit, but I'm getting "remote rejected"
with the message "The author does
> not have a current Contributor License Agreement on file". However, I do
have one. I logged into my account
> and checked that it's >>on file and hasn't expired (it says it will expire
> >>My commit message has the signed-off-by line and generally looks the
same as those for previous commits
> which I've pushed to Gerrit successfully. 
> >>Any ideas? 
> >>Thanks, 
> >>Nate 
> I had the exact same issue earlier today. I was able to commit yesterday
but today Gerrit/Bugzilla will not
> let me. I have signed the CLA and the Eclipse main site reflects this,
however Gerrit and Bugzilla think I
> have not.
> Hopefully the webmaster will be able to shed some light on this issue!
> Eric
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I'm experiencing the same problem, and so is someone else in my team. If you
come up with a solution could you post it please? Of course, we will do the

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