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Re: [cdt-dev] [linuxtools-dev] Builds faiing (Docker)

> Hi,
> The CDT builds are failing since yesterday. And if someone refreshes their
> target file in their Eclipse, it will also fail.
> It is due to a missing dependency to some org.bouncycastle package (see error
> below) that is needed by the Docker plugins of Linux Tools.
> From what I can see, Linux Tools finds those dependencies from Orbit in a
> very recent drop
> However, CDT uses the Luna SR1 orbit build:
> This was not a problem because Linux Tools repackages the necessary
> dependencies in their own build, which CDT depends on for Docker.
> For some reason, a (new?) dependency is missing and not repackaged by Linux
> Tools (org.bouncycastle). I don't know why this started happening now...
> What should we do? Should CDT use the recent orbit drop and eventually start
> using the Mars one, when it is available? Or should Linux Tools provide the
> missing dependencies in their nightly build?
> Thanks
> The error is:
> [INFO] Adding repository
> [ERROR] Cannot resolve target definition:
> [ERROR] Software being installed:
> [ERROR] Missing requirement: com.spotify.docker.client 2.7.18.v201505131810
> requires 'package org.bouncycastle.asn1.pkcs 1.51.0' but it could not be
> found
> [ERROR] Cannot satisfy dependency: org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core
> depends on: bundle com.spotify.docker.client 2.7.18
> [ERROR] Cannot satisfy dependency:
> depends on: org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core []

Hi Mark, yes, Linux Tools will provide the necessary bouncycastle packages.
There is no need to update the Orbit build (if you'd like to avoid that).

Initially when I contributed bouncycastle (bcprov, bcpkix) to orbit, I used
the Bundle-SymbolicName as defined upstream (due to some other issues
related to signing).

Our category.xml referenced those names :

Afterwards I changed the names to org.bouncycastle.{bcprov,bcpkix} when the
Orbit-related issues were resolved . It looks like I never updated the
category, and the repository publishing silently ignored the non-existent
names. I'll update this, and push to our nightly builds.

Roland Grunberg

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