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[cdt-dev] Hide UI element (C/C++ category) via eclipse activities


I'm trying to hide UI-elements via the eclipse activities. I
implemented the activities successfully for the following issues:
  * menu item
  * context menu item
  * toolbar icon

Unfortunately I don't make it for the project wizards of the category
C/C++ ("Data -> New -> Other…).

I tried the following pattern,<activityPatternBinding
activityId="random" pattern="org.eclipse.cdt.ui.*"/> with success, but
this pattern hides a lot of other things too. So I tried to hide the
org.eclipse.cdt.ui.wizards.*, but that didn't work, probably the wrong
pattern plugin id. So am I on the right way to hide the C/C++category
with the activityPatternBinding or should I use the
categoryActivityBinding? But therefore I need a valid categoryId. I
tried the plugin-spy, I searched inside the jar files, I asked google
for help, but I don't find the right pattern to hide the C/C++category
in the project builder.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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