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Re: [cdt-dev] Microsoft LLDB/GDB engine


I would sure be available to give help to make Eclipse a better IDE for
Microsoft C/C++ compiler. I am still convinced overall that Eclipse is a
better development IDE than Visual Studio IDE. Right now I am on hold
regarding the adding the Maestrosoft Plugin to Eclipse. Unfortunately I will
not be much available to do this until September at which time I hope to
accelerate the pace. And I would hope to give an help with the Microsoft
debugger as well later.

I appreciated the help from Alena (thanks Alena...) to review some code to
Gerrit. However there is some code still waiting to be committed and I guess
that part of the code is not the cup of the of Alena and it is still
waiting...(for example ). Yet honestly,
I cannot commit myself if some code change I need to further progressing
with the integration cannot be committed. 

Also if someone could try the Maestrosoft plugin with Luna release ( ) and give me some feedback on this list my motivation to give an
help would be boosted! If no one on this list wouldn't even try it I am left
with the idea that maybe there is no need for it. Thus why investing time?


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> Funny that Microsoft is trying to jump onto our turf :). Cross platform
> matters, which is what makes Eclipse what it is. But I¹ll only really be
> if they announce support for Java...
> My guess is that this is driven by game developers who target cross
> They love using Visual Studio for whatever reason. Maybe it¹s what they¹re
> familiar with. It¹s too bad someone doesn¹t invest more in making Eclipse
> better for them. Just need to find that someone who can make a return on
> that investment.
> Doug.
> On 2015-04-30, 11:21 AM, "Alex Blewitt" <alex.blewitt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> visual-
> >stu
> >dio-s-gdb-lldb-debug-engine.aspx
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> >Something to look forward to :-)
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