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Re: [cdt-dev] Standalone Software Fault Injector

Hi Gonçalo


At a glance I would say yes you have to create a project. The exception actually happens because you don’t have an originating translation unit for your AST, which you could set manually. But faking a translation unit might not be that simple. The ChangeFormatter will furthermore try to query the project of the translation unit for its formatter options.


In principle I see three options:

1.       Work with a project.

2.       Derive the ChangeGenerator and ASTWriting infrastructure (with your own implementation) to avoid the formatting or do it with default options.

3.       Try to create your own translation unit and cproject classes which just satisfy the required operations, which you could set as originating translation unit for your AST.

If possible I would follow the first option and I would really try to avoid the last two options.


I hope this helps!





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I'm trying to do an software to inject software faults in C programs, using CDT.


I have some .c files and read them with:


translationUnit = GPPLanguage.getDefault().getASTTranslationUnit(fileContent, info, emptyIncludes, null, opts, log);


But, when I try rewrite the AST Tree I get a NullPointException in


// Calculate formatting changes for the regions after the refactoring changes.

                                   ICProject project = tu.getCProject();


What is my problem? 

What I'm doing wrong? 

I need to have a project with C files? Is mandatory?



Gonçalo Silva Pereira

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