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Re: [cdt-dev] Support for older GDB versions

Hi Marc,


I don’t quite understand the argument about newer compilers, since using an older GDB is often related to using an older compiler too.

Could you explain a bit more ?


On the N&N, if you want to stick to the decision, I suggest making the headline “Discontinued Support for older GDB versions”

since otherwise one might think support was added.





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As discussed in the (Multicore) Debug call yesterday and posted to the N&N:

As of CDT 8.6, we will actively support GDB versions 7.1 and higher only.

Older GDB versions are not always working well with newer compilers; it has become difficult and time-consuming to support those versions in newer CDT releases. Version 7.1 already dates back to March, 2010. We will not remove the support for older GDBs from the code, but we will make no effort to test or support these older versions.


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