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Re: [cdt-dev] No autocomplete on constructors

> It does not. I have tried that. I've even tried doing something like
> "Test t(5);" letting it see what is going on and changing it to "Test
> t(5,|);" where | is the cursor, and it will not recognise it.

Interesting. Please file a bug with steps to reproduce (i.e. the exact code file you're editing, where the cursor is, any preferences you've changed, your CDT version) and we can investigate.

> There's a bug at play because for eample:
> Test t suggests things like tan
> Test ta doesn't suggest anything.

Also strange. I can't get it to suggest 'tan' in either case, even with <math.h> included. Again, please file a bug with more details so we can try to reproduce the issue.


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