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[cdt-dev] Heads up - considering o.e.remote for LaunchBar Targets

Hey gang,

Funny thing happened as I was helping the Target Management folks decide to do with RSE and the potential for org.eclipse.remote to take over. The Remote plug-ins actually look like a better alternative to the ILaunchTarget stuff I have in the LaunchBar. It always bugged me that I was doing my own target management system when there are a few out there already.

So, I’m currently prototyping replacing ILaunchTarget with IRemoteConnection. So far, I’m getting excited about the direction. Everything I wanted is already in the Remote plug-ins. And it looks easy to extend to add new connection types. The big test will be getting the Arduino serial connection implemented with this. I’ll also be adding a re-usable file system browser that’ll use the file APIs. The big benefit will be to get SSH remote target support with minimal effort.

I’ll report back as I get further and can present the complete argument for switching. I just wanted to be open with what I’m thinking and to get any early feedback on the idea.


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