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[cdt-dev] Cancel action for project building fails (sometimes)

Hi all,


It is known for a while now that the native process termination mechanism that CDT use doesn’t work properly with “make” processes in Windows environment ( ).

We were investigating this recently and it appears to has something to do with the way that starter.exe handles terminate/kill events.

Looking at org.eclipse.cdt.core.win32\library\starter\starter.cpp(352), we found that in case starter received term/kill event, it will only send a ctrlc event to the parent console.

It appears that replacing this logic with something like what starter does with Cygwin processes, and send “taskkill /T ” in terminate event and “taskkill /T /F” in kill event solves the problem with canceling make process tree.


Is there a strong reason on using ctrlc in this case or is there a side effect on something else like gdb processes?



Mohamed Azab


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