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[cdt-dev] Replace RSE based launch with one based on o.e.remote

For your consideration. Please comment on the bug.

>RSE has entered maintenance mode and was pretty horrible anyway. There is
>a new
>remote framework started by the Parallel Tools Project that offers similar
>capabilities. Someone abbreviated the plugin as o.e.remote so that's what
>call their framework.
>For the CDT plug-ins for the LaunchBar, I'd like to do add support for
>targets along with the local target. I am considering using the o.e.remote
>framework for that. To do so, I'll need a new launch configuration type
>supporting launching. At the end of the day, this could replace the RSE
>I have a feeling we can't just get rid of the RSE remote launch. And it
>probably be a lot of work to support migration to the o.e.remote one. At
>we should rename it to make it clear that it uses RSE and then we can
>call the
>new one Remote launch.

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